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Meliora Bio produces a wide range of products based on straw and with a minimum use of energy and water, while reducing production waste to zero. While doing so, we are aiming for the lowest possible CO2 footprint.

The straw is
used for making

Advanced biofuel

Advanced bioethanol produced from straw, enzymes and yeast with a very low CO2 footprint. Bioethanol produced from agricultural waste is used for a wide range of applications, the current, predominant use being to blend with gasoline for car fuel. Blending of our bioethanol into gasoline will cause a 1:1 reduction of 90 percent CO2 emission from the car. 

Already today, ethanol is blended with gasoline, but this ethanol is produced from feedstock like corn and sugarcanes, and thus have lower CO2 displacement. When using Meliora Bio bioethanol, the food for energy challenge is solved.


In a dedicated partnership with COMET BIO, a Canadian manufacturer of healthy and sustainable food ingredients, Meliora Bio supports COMET BIO in producing prebiotics using other parts of the same local wheat straw to extract hemicellulose. The partnership further benefits the farmers we work with by providing additional demand for straw and improving the circularity of the food chain. 

To learn more, visit the homepage of COMET BIO


The natural content of lignin in the straw is extracted in the biorefinery and is currently used for production of green energy (steam) for our production. Lignin has a significant future potential as a replacement for polymers in several applications. Meliora Bio is involved in several development projects to deliver on this potential in the future.